Why Is Herpes Testing Important?

Even though Genital Herpes (HSV 1 & 2) might be incuravble, it can be managed and treated. There are medicines, creams and lotionsthat you can buy which reall help to alleviate your symptoms.

These treatments may also prevent or lessen the intensity of future attacks.

But before you embark on any self medication, it is vital that you get herpes testing done.

Knowing for sure if you carry the herpes virus is very important. It is also important to know what type of the herpes virus that you may carry.

There is Herpes Simplex Type One (HSV1) and Herpes Simplex Type Two (HSV2).

They both can give pretty nasty results if contracted. If herpes testing is done and herpes virus is found, a treatment can be planned.

If you think you may have contracted the herpes virus, please go and consult with a doctor about your concerns.

There are different tests that can be taken to find out if you have herpes and what type you may have.

Most herpes testing is done based upon either sensitivity and specificity.

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The sensitivity refers to the good possibility of contracting the virus.


Specificity is the likelihood to determine the patient does not carry the herpes virus.

Sometimes, though, more than one test will be needed to find out for sure results. The three main test types are tissue culture, blood, and antigen tests.

Having herpes testing done is very important if you believe you may have contracted the herpes virus.

Please refrain from having any other sexual activities until the proper tests have been taking.

There is no need to risk someone else contracting the herpes virus. Find out your alternatives from your local friendly medical professional.

A treatment plan can be worked out for you after the proper herpes testing is completed.

Find out how to control and manage your Genital Herpes

Eat Right: Suffer Less

Eating foods rich in the amino acid lysine and avoiding foods rich in the amino acid arginine is of proven value in controlling herpes infections.

  • The presence of arginine has been long believed to be a "trigger" for the virus to replicate itself.
  • Lysine has a chemical structure that is similar to that of arginine. It competes with and blocks arginine from entering the nerve tissues that harbor the herpes virus between outbreaks.
  • In recent times, Lysine has proven to be crucial in "coding" the virus so that it is recognized and anihilated by antibodies.

In a 1980s study, herpes patients were given lysine at a dosage of 3000 mg daily and chocolate, gelatin, and nuts were restricted in the participants' diet.

  • Genital herpes cases were 25 percent less frequent among patients treated with lysine after just 26 weeks.
  • It would seem that a higher dosage of lysine is required for successful treatment.
  • A clinical test reducing the dosage of lysine to1,200 mg failed.

How does using whole foods assist in moderating an outbreak of genital herpes?

Avoid foods that contain high concentrations of the amino acid arginine, especially

  • almonds,
  • chocolate,
  • Jell-O, and
  • peanuts.

Eat foods that contain high concentrations of the amino acid lysine, including

  • most vegetables, especially broccoli
  • chicken,
  • fish, and
  • turkey.